Monday, October 12, 2009

Windows 7 boots slower than Vista?

According to PC-tuning company iolo Technologies, Windows 7 to boot times slower than its predecessor Vista, a strong contradiction to claims by Microsoft to begin to improve.

Iolo tests showed that Windows 7 loads up to 42 percent slower than Vista, while using a "new team". 7 charged in 1:34 compared with 1 minute flat for Vista.

This is where the numbers are confusing, however. Iolo home measures as the "point where the team is" fully usable "with a low load on the processor." Power button to desktop Windows 7 loads faster than Vista, but at the "full boot" no.

Perhaps most notably is the fact that like Vista boot times depends on how many applications have already been installed on your computer. After installing some "common use" applications, the boot time increased 64 percent to 2 minutes, says iolo.

The full report benchmarks the starting time is scheduled for release on Monday.

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