Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mozilla VP: Chrome Frame is not the right answer

Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft don’t ever wager eye to eye when it comes to application technology, but they concord generally on digit thing: thumbs downward for Google Chrome Frame.
Chrome Frame is a plug-in that puts Google’s application engine low the cowl of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and Google argues that it can renew IE versions 6, 7, and 8 with faster tender weight and JavaScript performance. It kicks in exclusive on Web pages that Web developers have tagged with a limited tag. After Google declared it, Microsoft criticized it as creating a potentially accumulated venture to feeding security.
Google Wave is digit locate that suggests IE users establish Google Chrome Frame.
Mike Shaver, evilness chair of field for Firefox sponsor Mozilla, publicised a assorted anxiety in a journal locate weekday night.
“I sure deal that desire for a Web in which the vast eld of Web users savor the action and capabilities we wager in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. Unfortunately, I don’t conceive that Chrome Frame gets us fireman to that Web,” Shaver said.
Specifically, Shaver said Chrome Frame can alter IE features and confuse users’ discernment of Web section matters. And users of the abused IE 6 browser, he added, ofttimes won’t be healthy to separate Chrome Frame anyway because their machine is locked downward to veto changes or lacks decent control in the prototypal place.
“As a lateral effect, the user’s discernment of the Web’s section help and the activity of their application is earnestly hindered by deputation the pick of code to the developers of individualist sites they visit. It is a difficulty that we have seen repeatedly with another arrange plug-ins same Flash, Silverlight and Java, and not digit that I conceive we requirement to wager replayed again low the flag of HTML5,” he said.
Shaver’s advice is to rely on that ages-old technique: an raise suasion on the Web site.
“It would be meliorate for the Web if developers who desire to consume the Chrome Frame piece only told users that their locate worked meliorate in Chrome and taught them on how to establish it,” Shaver said. “The individual would be knowledgeable most the benefits of an move browser, would see meliorate the pick they were making, and the kudos for Chrome’s action would fall to Google kind of than to Microsoft.” 
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Friday, September 25, 2009

Google Chrome Frame boosts IE pace up to Chrome levels

So, meet how such of an action process do you intend in Internet Explorer when you establish and attain consume of Chrome Frame?
Quite a lot, as it turns out!
Note: All tests carried discover on Windows Vista 64-bit.
I definite to verify Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8 and wager what assorted Chrome Frame prefabricated when streaming the SunSpider JavaScript criterion test. For comparability I also ran the effort in Google Chrome 3 browser.
           IE7 using Chrome Frame is most 40 nowadays faster at streaming finished the SunSpider JavaScript criterion effort than IE7 alone.
           IE8 using Google Chrome Frame is most 10 nowadays faster at streaming finished the SunSpider JavaScript criterion effort than IE8 alone.
           Using Chrome Frame, IE7 and IE8 are nearly as alacritous as Google Chrome itself at processing JavaScript.
Good stuff indeed.
As to inventiveness practice patch streaming Chrome Frame, I didn’t wager some perceptible process in mainframe or RAM usage. In fact, correct today I can’t wager some downside to Chrome Frame.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Chrome Addon: AdSweep a Chrome ad blocker

AdSweep is a diminutive addon that aims to conceal business from the web pages you visit. In theoretical terms, AdSweep is a individual JavaScript that defines CSS rules supported on the web locate you are temporary to conceal elements of the tender that exhibit advertisements.
It is a impact in advancement and a diminutive sort of web sites have been additional to the itemize of filtered web sites, more and more web sites are additional over time, and if you have base CSS skills, you can verify conception and support attain the web a preparation place.


•           If you desire to establish AdSweep in Chrome, create the C:\\scripts directory, select AdSweep.zip and locate the AdSweep.user.js enter into C:\\scripts then right-click the road picture of Google Chrome, either on your screen or in your Start menu, and utter “Properties”. Select the ordinal journalism titled “Shortcut”, and in the “Target” field, attach --enable-greasemonkey with a expanse inbetween. For instance:
Before: C:\\Users\\Charles\\AppData\\Local\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe
After: C:\\Users\\Charles\\AppData\\Local\\Google\\Chrome\\Application\\chrome.exe --enable-greasemonkey
•           Don’t block the expanse in between. Click “OK” to spend changes.
When you’re done, near your browser, reopen it and admittance www.adsweep.org, you should wager a flushed asking in the upper-right crossway of the tender (only displayed on www.adsweep.org), locution AdSweep is installed.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Google Refreshed Google chrome browser

Google weekday launched Version 3 of its Chrome Web browser, which keeps the push on competing tools by boosting JavaScript action by 25% vs. the stylish steady release.
The update comes most a assemblage after Google Chrome prefabricated its debut.
"This promulgation comes blistering on the heels of 51 developer, 21 beta and 15 steady updates and 3,505 bugfixes in the time year," Google writes on its blog.
Google Chrome has exclusive grabbed a 3.5% deal of the orbicular market, but that does place it aweigh of longer-standing Opera and Apple Safari already, according to StatCounter. Microsoft IE leads the arrange with 58% and Mozilla Firefox has meliorate than 31%.
Of instruction the Google Chrome application also ordered the initiate for the Google making bounteous information most its Chrome OS early this summer.
The newborn Google Chrome features allow more customizable journalism pages (you can nix parts of the tender and re-arrange thumbnails of pages).
Google has simplified consume of its Omnibox, the all-in-one see forbid and scheme come bar, via icons that hold characterize pages and sites from digit another.
Also, hold for HTML5 recording tags makes streaming embedded videos smoother, avoiding the requirement to consume a plug-in.
It’sbeen added laboring hebdomad at Google, which also introduced a beta edition of a newborn online information feeding information dubbed Fast Flip. Google also declared today that it will wage darken technology services for U.S. polity agencies.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Review: Google Chrome 3.0

Few new features and a amend Acid3 effort reason exhibit Chrome 3.0 getting up with its rivals
Mozilla Firefox has been discover for more than five years old and is meet at Version 3.0. Apple Safari was originally free sixt yrs back and is at Version 4.0. Google Chrome has been launched on 2 sep 2008, and Google meet prefabricated Version 3.0 available. Google understandably is hell-bent on apace making up for its new advice in the application market.
Of course, sometimes feat likewise alacritous can be a intense thing, directive to a creation that isn’t as steady as digit that takes a slower raise path. But patch Google has been agitated alacritous with its browser, so farther things are hunting good.

Google Chrome 3.0 beta showcases individual new features, most of which are examples of getting up to kindred features in browsers much as Apple Safari, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. But they are recognizing changes, and, if we wager a some more additions by the instance it releases, Chrome 3.0 looks same it will be a worthwhile upgrade.
From a usability standpoint, the most manifest new capabilities are discovered in the tender that Chrome launches when a individual opens a grapheme new journalism in the browser. Chrome 3.0—like Safari and Opera—lets users make this page, which by choice shows thumbnails of the most ofttimes visited Websites.
When Tested
I was healthy to opt to withdraw Websites from pass in this tender and could advise thumbnails by dragging and descending them. I could also mark a place so that it would ever exhibit in a restricted blot on the tender no concern how ofttimes it was visited. It is also doable to pass a itemize of sites, kind of than thumbnails.
The Omnibox—the constituent for the come forbid in the browser—has ever been digit of my selection features of Chrome. Chrome auto-suggests material as a individual types in the Omnibox, and in the 3.0 beta the application also displays icons to exhibit what identify of material is existence suggested, much as Websites, searches, or material from the browser\'s bookmarks and history. This feature was nice, but the message of the icons isn’t directly manifest (Is the measure history? Is the magnifying render search?).
In the application world, the generic constituent “chrome” has commonly referred to the knowledge to gimmick discovers an interface with bespoken themes and icons. So it was ever somewhat fantastic that Google Chrome had restricted features for controlling the “chrome” of the browser.
That\'s every denaturized with the 3.0 beta, which provides users with the choice for dynamical the countenance and see of the application by applying new themes. From the application Options screen, choosing Get Themes took me to a Web tender where there are currently 29 themes from which to choose. This is a pretty base customisation option, but it\'s a start.
Google has ever emphasized the pace and action of Chrome and with the beta of Version 3.0 the consort is erst again touting the browser\'s speed. I consumed different online action tests and Futuremark’s Peacekeeper criterion (at http://service.futuremark.com/peacekeeper/) to appraise action and discovered that the 3.0 beta did exhibit an transformation over Chrome 2.0 and was correct at the crowning of the application action interpret alongside Safari 4.0.
Standards hold is also existence touted in Chrome 3.0, most noticeably in cost of hold for the expected HTML 5 standard. Like Opera and Firefox 3.5, the Chrome 3.0 beta supports some elements of HTML 5, including the knowledge to separate HTML natively within the application without requirement for third-party plug-ins.
Chrome 3.0 also appears to meliorate on Chrome’s already rattling beatific judgement on the Web Standards Project’s Acid3 test. During my evaluation, the Google Chrome 3.0 achieved a amend reason in the test.

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Friday, September 4, 2009

Preinstalled Google chrome on Sony’s New PCs and laptops

The mart acceptation of Google’s Chrome application has conventional a momentous increase from Sony. Following a care unreal between the digit profession giants, Sony will establish Chrome as the choice Windows scheme application on a activity of laptops. The machines are probable to be offered in the US prototypal with another territories reaching presently after.
Chrome’s mart deal has accumulated to around 6% and is probable to progress Safari and Opera to embellish the web’s ordinal most favorite browser. Google has been hard promoting the application on scheme sites much as YouTube and we suspected they would stimulate licensing deals with PC manufacturers. Sony is a favorite sort and, though they are digit of the small PC manufacturers, Google will sure be pursuing deals with companies much as Dell and Hewlett Packard.
Google are in an unequalled function compared to another the application vendors:
             Although Apple encourages Safari on Windows PCs, they finally desire grouping to acquire Macs. The application will never embellish Apple’s direct focus.
             Mozilla is an open maker organization. They do not have the aforementioned advertisement and playing pressures.
             Opera does not have the aforementioned marketing vantage or budget.
Browser statistics should be condemned with a super crop of salt, but Chrome appears to be intake into cyberspace Explorer’s share. Chrome’s success makes good playing significance for Google. On the contrary, Microsoft is suffering: the consort has been andante to promulgation IE updates and has been unnatural to wage a application balloting concealment in Europe.
Chrome’s forthcoming looks promising. Will we wager a three-way fisticuffs between Microsoft, Mozilla and Google for the desirable crowning browser?

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