Thursday, March 26, 2009

Google boosted Chrome's speed

Google updated Chrome browser to boost its speed and released its new version of is Chrome web browser on 24 March 2009, as it continuous to put efforts to get the grip of the browser market which is being ruled by Microsoft Internet Explorer and the competitor Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome targets general public since the time it was launched in September 2008. The new Chrome allows users to surf the internet faster and it has added some other features as well like auto-fill option to fill the forms and new way for users to drag around tabs of different web pages within the browser window.

The Market share of browser is as follows-

Microsoft Internet explorer- 67.4% (currently ruling the browser market)
Mozilla Firefox-
22 %( a good competitor)
8% (trying to get more of market share)
Google Chrome-
1.2 %( trying hard to get the grip of browser market)

According to a post on Google's blog, the new Chrome beta loads certain types of Web pages 25 per cent to 35 per cent faster than the current version of the browser.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Beta of Google Chrome Arrived with new Extensions

Google has released its new version of Google chrome which is upgraded with new features. Google removed the beta tag from Google chrome in December, after three months from its release. Google claims its 25 percent faster on V8 benchmark tests and 35 percent faster on Sun spider, so if you are looking for improved JavaScript speed, you may want to try the new beta.

Following are the some of its new features-

Google had added Form AutoFill feature in chrome which lets the browser remember the text or information filled by us on websites to save out time when we visit them again. When we revisit those websites then the text or information which we provided will automatically appear below the characters we are typing. Just making it easy and handy as it is in Firefox.

Now we can have full page zoom view in chrome, same as we have it in Mozilla Firefox, to have a zoom view in chrome simply go to Page menu, select text zoom and select larger or smaller. Choosing normal returns back to its original view.

 At any point of time, if you need help with your internet browser or have any issue with Internet speed, you can always reach us at 1800 602 586, it’s a toll free number.

Google is also encouraging development of extensions for Chrome, especially since extensions for Firefox are among the primary reasons that people use it. Hopefully Google will soon be releasing more extensions for chrome lovers. Soon Google will be releasing Mac and Linux version of chrome.

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