Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gtalk Extension: Open Google Talk from Your Browser

Today I was just going through some news and got this extension of Google Chrome browser and thought of sharing it with you. It’s a gtalk extension in Google chrome.

The addendum as the name suggests adds a button to your toolstrip of Google Chrome and if clicked aloft opens a new baby window which asks you to put your Google Account username and countersign and you can alpha to babble immediately.

Features of GTalk Extension:

· No charge to install the Gtalk Messenger

· Chat anon from your Google Chrome Browser

· Safe & defended as it uses Google Gadgets

Installation & technical support

Clicking on the aloft downlink hotlink on your latest Google Chrome Dev adaptation will automatically install the extension. Since extensions are not yet accurate for abiding or beta users, you would be appropriate to about-face to the dev approach in adjustment to install the addendum and use the command band --“enable-extensions in your google chrome adjustment target.

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Google – “No more viruses and malwares”

Delicious bookmarklet in Google Chrome

Google’s Survey about Internet Browser

Monday, July 20, 2009

Google – “No more viruses and malwares”

Google's Engineering Director has promised that its accessible Chrome OS will see 'the end of malware' and Spyware blockers.

Google is able what the latest affair of New Scientist annual refers to as "an airy antivirus nirvana" with its accessible Google Chrome OS.

Linus Upson, Google's Engineering Director, has promised the aggregation is: "Completely redesigning the basal aegis architectonics of the OS so users don't accept to accord with viruses, malware and aegis updates. It should just work."

Chrome browser patched

Ironically, Google is also in the account this anniversary due to aegis flaws in its Chrome browser.

Two of the a lot of contempo Google Chrome web browser aegis flaws (one apropos to awful cipher bribery in the Chrome tab head and one apropos to anamnesis bribery in the browser tab processes) accept now been fixed.

You can see the abounding abandoned of all the latest changes over on Google's Chrome site.

So is the billow accretion approaching absolutely traveling to be added defended than our accepted arrangement of downloading approved aegis patches to consistently fix the software that's sitting on our harder drive?

"Downloading updates is consistently traveling to be a footfall or two abaft the billow access because it takes a while to get a fix out to a PC to install it," argues Paul Jackson of Forrester Research.

And while Jackson agrees that "the billow access allows patches to be activated abundant faster" he addendum that any web-based OS is still traveling to be at accident from malware targeting the browser or Linux.

Robert Caunt, an analyst from CCS Insight in London, addendum that Google has a acceptable almanac on aegis to date: "Its Gmail spam clarify and seek engine's phishing-detection is good. They apperceive what needs doing."

Major accretion brands such as Nvidia, Dell, Asus, Acer and others accept already accepted that they will be absolutely acknowledging Google's Chrome OS. Stay acquainted for added Chrome OS account updates as and if we get them.

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TPGoogleReader: Added Features

Google announces its Chrome Operating system

Delicious bookmarklet in Google Chrome

Google’s Survey about Internet Browser

Thursday, July 16, 2009

TPGoogleReader: Added Features

Using TP’s Google Reader Extension:

Each Chrome window has a toolbar (see the screenshot) with GR figure (click to accessible GR), a checkbox (when checked, all new account will accessible automatically in this window) and possibly amount of benighted items (not arresting if checkbox is checked). If there are added windows, alone one of them can accept the checkbox checked, blockage it on one of them will uncheck it in all other. So you can accept two windows - one area you accept the tabs that you commonly use, and additional with the checkbox checked. And if you accept a chargeless moment, you can about-face to the additional one to see if something new arrived.

The addendum does not charge your Google credentials, it just works application your accepted accolade so you artlessly charge to be logged into GR for this to work. This works just like a lot of the added GR extensions.

Features of TPGoogleReader:

· Shows the no. of benighted items, as all of them do.

· It automatically opens all new items in new accomplishments tabs, and marks them as apprehend in Google Reader aloft blockage the checkbox in the toolstrip. You acquisition new things to apprehend appearing, after even beat anything! Also, at atomic for me, account items in their abounding adaptation by abyssal to the item’s hotlink is abundant added agreeable than account the abbreviated, style-less adaptation anon in Google Reader.

· When alive in the accustomed approach area new items do not get opened automatically, beat on the items adverse opens the aboriginal benighted account and marks it as read.

· When a website has a feed, an figure appears on the appropriate of the omnibox (page action). Beat on it opens the augment in Google Reader. Thus after subscribing you can appearance it in GR.

· When you cross anon to an RSS or Atom page (like this one: commonly Chrome displays a mess. With TPGoogleReader you will get the page displayed in a monospace chantry with preserved formatting. Accredit to the screenshot, beat on the figure will accessible the augment in GR.

Installation & Technical Support:

Again, this addendum is alone for the Dev Body of Google Chrome, back extensions are not accessible for Stable and Beta Approach users it won’t plan on those builds. In adjustment to get on to the dev approach amuse accredit here. Once you are on the developers body just bang on the addendum download beneath it would automatically ask you for acceptance to install.

Download - TPGoogleReader - For Chrome - v: 0.2

For any Computer support queries or Internet browser support you can always reach us at our website or leave your issue or query in the comments.

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Google announces its Chrome Operating system

Delicious bookmarklet in Google Chrome

Google’s Survey about Internet Browser

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Google announces its Chrome Operating system

Alas, poor Microsoft. Aboriginal Google dominates the search engine market. Afresh Google enters the Web-based e-mail market. Android invades Windows Mobile's turf. And afresh Google all-overs into the browser bazaar with Chrome. Tonight Google appear that it has upped the ante yet again, and will absolution a new operating arrangement based on Google Chrome.

The new operating system, appropriately called Google Chrome OS, will be an open-source operating arrangement initially geared against netbooks, Google appear in a columnist absolution this evening.

Google claims the new operating system, which should address in the additional bisected of next year, will be "lightweight" and heavily Web-centric.

With Chrome OS, Google affairs to chase the aforementioned blueprint it acclimated with its browser: "Speed, artlessness and aegis are the key aspects of Google Chrome OS. We're designing the OS to be fast and lightweight, to alpha up and get you assimilate the web in a few seconds," Google declared in its announcement. "The user interface is basal to break out of your way, and a lot of of the user acquaintance takes abode on the web."

Google will aswell accomplish aegis a top antecedence with Chrome, advertence that they "are traveling aback to the basics and absolutely redesigning the basal aegis architectonics of the OS so that users don't accept to accord with viruses, malware and aegis updates. It should just work." That's, as you apparently figured, appealing ambitious, because every accepted operating arrangement sees its fair allotment of aegis flaws and patches.

Chrome OS will run on x86-based PCs, as able-bodied as machines congenital about the ARM processor (such as alleged smartbooks).

So what does this beggarly for Android? According to Google, Chrome OS is in no way affiliated to Android, and that while Android was created with smartphones, netbooks, and added accessories in mind, Chrome OS "is accepting created for humans who absorb a lot of of their time on the web" and will be able to run on about any PC that meets the minimum requirements, alignment from netbooks on the low-end to top end ability desktops.

When Google aboriginal alien the Chrome browser endure year, I remarked in my analysis that "In the accomplished there has been some belief that Google would advance its own operating system, but I anticipate that Chrome's barrage makes one affair is clear: The Web browser is Google's operating system."

While Chrome OS goes above accepting a simple Web browser, Google's eyes of the approaching is as bright with Chrome OS as it was with the addition of the Chrome browser: The Web is the OS of the future, and a avant-garde OS needs to be congenital about the Web first. In fact, in the announcement, Google flatly states, "For appliance developers, the web is the platform." Even better: "And of course, these apps will run not alone on Google Chrome OS, but on any standards-based browser on Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux thereby giving developers the better user abject of any platform."

So has Google just dead the operating arrangement war? Or is it just accepting started? Allotment your thoughts below.

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Delicious bookmarklet in Google Chrome

Google’s Survey about Internet Browser

Monday, July 6, 2009

Delicious bookmarklet in Google Chrome

Amit Papnai from the Adorable Extensions Team appear a ablaze weight adaptation of a adorable addendum earlier. The functions of the addendum at this point are boilerplate abutting to its accessory in Firefox browser, but that is understandable.

This alpha adaptation allows you to assurance in and column bookmarks to your adorable account. Installing the addendum adds a button to your google chrome omni bar for signing in and bookmarking pages. Another absorbing affection is the keyboard shortcut, two times the page is absolutely loaded, you can bookmark it in adorable by basically acute Ctrl + D.

Its absolutely simple and accessible to use. I accept downloaded it to accord some blow to Firefox, as I accept been application it on Firefox earlier.

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