Thursday, August 27, 2009

Google Toolbar is Incompatible with Chrome

Recent complaints from Google’s loyal user abject accept alike apropos Google’s browser and it’s disability to acclimate to added Google software, accurately Google Toolbar - a apparatus generally acclimated by webmasters & SEO specialists.

When users try to install Google Toolbar on Google’s Chrome browser they are accustomed the message:

“We’re sorry, but Google Toolbar 5 is alone accessible for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

Google Toolbar offers Google Search, Bookmarks, Seek Suggestions, Web History, and shortcuts to Google applications.

Google faces an absorbing Public Relations claiming here, abnormally in the bosom of their abandoned action with Microsoft/Yahoo for the lion’s allotment of the seek market. One would anticipate that Google would try to accomplish their articles easier to use in tandem, so that their loyal users don’t become loyal Yahoo or Microsoft seek users.

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I E8 - More Secure Than Firefox And Chrome?

Bookmark Accompany Arrives on Google Chrome Beta

Google speeds up Chrome

Google’s Survey about Internet Browser

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I E8 - More Secure Than Firefox And Chrome?

Microsoft may get criticised for computer security issues, but IE8 just came top in a security study, assault Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Larry Walsh asks - is it time to amend your best of browser?

Microsoft gets a lot of affliction (and appropriately so) for the crisis of its products. But if it comes to endlessly accepted Web-based attacks adjoin browser users, its Internet Explorer 8 topped the acreage of above browsers in a security assay conducted by NSS Labs.

Within anniversary Web browser are alert appearance that bouncer adjoin awful activity, such as phishing attacks, pixel-embedded malware, agenda affidavit inspection, Web website reputational assay and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

In the NSS Labs assay with reside traffic, Internet Explorer 8 bent 81 percent of the attacks advancing over the wire. IE8 - an advancement that we rated awful in our analysis - awfully outperformed the additional abutting rival, Firefox 3, which bent 54 percent of the entering threats. IE8’s achievement bigger 12 percent over a agnate assay conducted the antecedent quarter; NSS Labs credits around-the-clock improvements to its SmartScreen technology.

The abstinent install of Firefox 3 (IE's better amateur with a billion downloads) bootless to affect testers, but it did badly advance if acclimated with Google’s SafeBrowsing, a plugin that inspects Web sites for awful or counterfeit characteristics.

Google’s ballyhooed browser Chrome (v2) alone bent 7 percent of the threats, a bead of 8 percent from the antecedent test. Safari 4 best up 21 percent of the threats and Opera 10 Beta was the affliction performer, audition just 1 percent of awful traffic.

When it comes to phishing attacks, Mozilla Firefox bigger its continuing adjoin IE8; the two browsers denticulate a statistical tie (IE8, 83 percent; Firefox 3, 80 percent). Opera 10 badly bigger its achievement from the awful cartage assay by communicable 54 percent of phishing attacks. Chrome 2 and Safari 4 angled out the assay field, communicable 26 percent and 2 percent of the attacks, respectively.

“Web browsers are in a different position to action phishing and added bent activities by admonishing abeyant victims that they are about to devious assimilate a awful Web site. Since phishing sites accept an boilerplate lifespan of alone 52 hours, it is capital that the website is discovered, validated, classified and added to the acceptability arrangement as bound as possible- The developers at both Microsoft support and Mozilla acutely accept this accord and acknowledge bound to block new phishing sites,” NSS Labs wrote in its report.

It’s simple to dump on Microsoft for its continued history of security vulnerabilities and adulterated software. And browser purists will altercate the affection virtues and achievement of Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome over Internet Explorer. But the NSS Labs assay shows that the above security achievement of Internet Explorer 8 (still the arch browser in business, for assorted reasons)should accord users abeyance in because a about-face to a aggressive browser.

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Bookmark Accompany Arrives on Google Chrome Beta

Google speeds up Chrome

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bookmark Accompany Arrives on Google Chrome Beta

Google has added bookmark syncing to the annual of appearance accessible through Chrome's dev channel.

The new affection accompany users bookmarks above assorted features. It's agnate to what's already in abode in Apple's Safari, but that affection is alone accessible to users who accept a MobileMe account.

The Chrome bookmarks are in fact stored in Google user accountsin your windows operating system, syncing by way of XMPP. But for appropriate now, this ability be a bit above the boilerplate user. Eventually, however, the affection will be added to Chrome.

"To actuate this feature, barrage Google Chrome with the --enable-sync command-line flag," Tim Steele, a software architect for Google, wrote in a blog post. "Once you set up accompany from the Tools menu, Chrome will again upload and abundance your bookmarks in your Google Account. Anytime you add or change a bookmark, your changes will be beatific to the billow and anon advertisement to all added computers for which you've activated bookmark accompany (using the aforementioned XMPP technology as Google Talk)."

A Mac adaptation is aswell allegedly advancing soon.

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Google speeds up Chrome

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Google speeds up Chrome

Google has appear a new beta adaptation of its Chrome browser, speed acceleration improvements, HTML 5 functionality and added tweaks.

Google launched Chrome endure September, and it has been alive on abacus accepted appearance begin in aggressive web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera, as able-bodied as advancing up with its own innovations.

The latest Chrome beta absolution shows a 30 percent all-embracing acceleration advance on benchmarks compared to the accepted abiding release, Google said in a blog column advertisement the beta on Wednesday.

JavaScript beheading acceleration has been improved, and Google has fabricated added tweaks to advice to accomplish the user acquaintance faster, the aggregation said. When a user opens a new page, for instance, that page gets antecedence in attractive elements such as text, images and video.

Loading pages has aswell been fabricated added able through the use of DNS caching, added able DOM bindings and application the V8 JavaScript engine for proxy auto-configuration, Google said.

In addition, the aggregation said it has started architecture HTML 5 functionality into the latest release. This includes video tags and web workers, a blueprint that gives web applications thread-like capabilities.

The beta includes a amount of changes to presentation, including the adeptness to adapt the New Tab page, which displays thumbnails of frequently visited sites. Users can now accommodate the thumbnails, pin thumbnails in abode and adumbrate locations of the page.

The Omnibox, which suggests web addresses, now includes icons to advice analyze amid appropriate sites, searches, bookmarks and sites from the browsing history.

Chrome now can be customized with themes, although the Capacity Gallery that has been army is preliminary, Google said.

"There is still some testing to do--we're alone ablution some actual basal capacity and there are still some kinks to plan out, but we will add added capacity in the approaching as we cycle this out to the abiding version," wrote Chrome architect Glen Murphy in the blog column announcement.

The appearance is alone accessible in the beta adaptation of Chrome, which receives regular, automated updates and provides user acknowledgment to Google. The aggregation also offers an abiding adaptation of Chrome, but alone one adaptation can be acclimated at a time. For sure I m going to try my hands at it on my Microsoft windows xp computer.

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Chrome Clock and Smile Manager Extensions

Google announces its Chrome Operating system

Delicious bookmarklet in Google Chrome

Google’s Survey about Internet Browser

Monday, August 3, 2009

Chrome Clock and Smile Manager Extensions

Chrome Clock Extension

A nice small extension which adds Clock functionality to your Google chrome browser. Once installed on your Microsoft windows it shows you the accepted time as per your bounded time settings.

To set an alarm, just click on the toolstrip, In the aboriginal acreage access the “Hours” columnist enter, it will yield you to the additional acreage which is for “Minutes”. Access the minutes’s amount and again columnist enter, your Clock will be set. Basically if the Clock time is reached, the Clock will beam in red demography your absorption to it. To remove the Clock just click on the Clock toolstrip.

Not a actual advantageous extension you ability say but its absolutely account a try for fun!

Smile Manager Extension

This is apparently a abundant added advantageous extension than the Clock extension if you use a lot of smilies to accurate yourself. This baby extension shows you alien smilies in the toolstrip and allows you to archetype and adhesive the BBcode on bulletin boards and forums with ease.

Just click the smiley angel you wish to use, columnist Ctrl+C afterwards and again you can adhesive it into the forums’ bulletin box, smiles will reappear by themselves in your Microsoft windows. To change to your own set of smiles, click on any smile with Ctrl pressed, and change the link, acute Access afterwards.

To get aback to the absence set of smiles, click on any smile captivation Ctrl and Shift.

If you are not able to do this, dnt worry just call us on our toll free number 1800602586, we have Microsoft certified technicians to provide you technical support for all your computer worries.

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Delicious bookmarklet in Google Chrome

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