Sunday, November 1, 2009

Essentials - Windows Live with Windows 7

In Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7, Window Live Essentials have been presented with a freshness to keep you moving briskly and conveniently. Become eligible for Windows Live Essentials, which is a set of software available at the Windows Live website, with Windows 7.

Windows Live Essentials will enable you to perform e-mail, instant messaging, photo editing, and blogging. Some of them include Messenger, Photo Gallery, Mail, Writer and others.

With the help of Messenger you can chat instantly with friends and family on your PC or mobile phone. Windows 7 messenger enables you to stay in touch with your favorite people in real time.

With Photo Gallery you can share and organize your photographs. You can also restrict your sharing with certain validations. With Photo Gallery you can get your photos and videos from your camera to your PC.

With Mail you can manage you multiple e-mail accounts simultaneous and easily. With this software you can manage all your e-mail accounts, including Windows Live Hotmail and third party accounts, from within Mail. It keeps your mind away from hassles of logging in to multiple accounts to check all your e-mail.

Other important application features tagged with the latest operating system, Windows 7 are as follows.

Desktop: With Windows 7, its awesome to work on desktop. There are new features called Aero Shake, Aero Peek, and Snap. You can try the new desktop slide show, which displays a rotating series of pictures. The task bar play a vital role in any operating system, so Microsoft has completely changed the task bar to help you work smarter, cut clutter, and get more done. Now you can stick your gadgets anywhere on the desktop that is not possible in Windows Vista.

HomeGroup: Now it is very easy to share files and printers on a home network through this feature. Connect two or more PCs running Windows 7, and Home Group will automatically start sharing your music, pictures, video, and document libraries with others in network. HomeGroup is also secure, which allows you to give password to shared files and folders. This feature is available with all the editions of Windows 7.

Jump List: You can access your frequently used programs, songs, pictures and documents. Thanks to this great feature. To open a Jump List, just right-click a program icon on the Windows 7 taskbar. What you access in a Jump List depends entirely on the program. The Jump List for IE shows frequently-viewed websites. You can quickly access to commands for things like composing new e-mail messages or playing music.

Snap: It is a new feature that allows you to resize open windows in a new way, simply by dragging them to the edges of your screen.

Window Search: In Windows 7, the search is faster and easy. You just need to type into the Start menu search box and you will have a list of relevant documents, pictures and etc. Apart from that it can also search any external storage device.

Power Management: Windows 7 runs with fewer background services. Therefore, your PC processor doesn’t work as hard and consume less power.

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