Friday, November 20, 2009

IE 8 A Default Browser for Windows 7

Windows 7 has been unleashed and people has started reporting its nice and easy to use features. The new Windows 7 version got some enhanced utilities applications as well including Internet Explorer 8.

Internet Explorer 8, which comes default with Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate edition, is he fastest, easiest, and safest browser ever. This article takes you through some of the interesting new features that you will hardly find in other browsers.

IE 8 introduces a new feature called Accelerators. Now its easy to do things without navigating to other websites. Just highlight some text, then click the blue Accelerator icon that appears to see what you can do.
These can also be named as Add-ons which are targeted to make the browsing activities faster to an extent. Accelerators can be accessed from the right click easily. Right now some usual search functions has been added.

InPrivate Browsing
With In Private Browsing, no one can track your details. This helps prevent anyone else who might be using your system from seeing where you visited and what you looked at on the web.
With this feature IE 8 is ready to browse safely and while selected no history, cookies etc will be stored in any form.

Find Option Revolutionized
To find anything you have option to search it by old way or you can enjoy the new way. As now you can search in-line for text by default. Find option sticks to the upper side of the web-pages with all option along with the search box.

Web Slices
How often do you check your favorite website? Now, with Web Slices, its easier to find changes on a Website. When you spot the green Web Slices icon on a site, click it. If something changes on that site, the Web Slices icon in your Favorites bar lights up. Point to the glowing icon to see what’s changed.
Tab Grouping
It will help you to group your specific tabs easily for a better browsing. Like, all tabs of Facebook will group together, so you don’t have to keep finding them.
IE and Superbar
Superbar of Windows 7 will show you the screenshot of opened tabs (when IE is minimized). Or you can drag IE icon on the superbar to show you up a Jump List containing recently opened/closed websites links
Cross-site Scripting
It protects you from hackers and web attack. Not only this it also protects users from malicious websites from stealing your personal information when surf Internet.
SmartScreen Filter
It protects users from phishing attacks, online fraud, and spoofed websites, as well as websites that contains malicious software.
Internet Explorer’s Crash Recovery
It automatically closes and attempts to recover the tab without affecting other open tabs.

Compatibility View
If a web-page doesn’t look right, just click the new Compatibility View button on the Address bar. The button corrects misaligned text or images on pages designed for older browsers.
Internet Explorer Developer Tools
Now its easy to to create websites without having to custom-tailor them for each browser, and can view and debug web-pages right in Internet Explorer.

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