Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Make Google Chrome Your Home Page

The Google Chrome Web browser used a tabbed window interface that enables you to view different websites on their own tabs. Unlike other Web browsers, Google Chrome launches a separate process on your computer for every new tab or window that it opens. As a result, browsing on Google Chrome is faster than on other browsers.


Launch the Google Chrome Web browser from your Desktop.

Click on the "Wrench" icon located on the top-right of the browser and select "Options." This will open the "Options" tab.

Select the radio button for "Open the home page" in the "On startup" section.

Select the radio button for "Open this page" in the "Home page" section.

Type or paste the URL for Google Chrome's home page, which is "", into the text box next to the "Open this page" radio button.

Click on the "X" button on the top-right of the browser to exit Google Chrome.

Relaunch the Google Chrome browser from your Desktop.

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