Thursday, July 21, 2011

Problems With Google Chrome Browser ?

Google Chrome's new browser is fast, light and getting rave reviews among its supporters. However, if you're considering adopting Google's new browser, there are some issues you should consider, such as extensions, plug-ins, add-ons and security.


It should go without saying that any browser you use on a daily basis should have good security. Your logins and passwords need to be secure and unavailable to would-be hackers. Early into its release, Google Chrome has been marred with security concerns, such as JavaScript exploits and a critical buffer-overflow vulnerability that could allow a hacker to take over a computer. However, in order to exploit the buffer-overflow, a user would have to visit an infected page and click "Save As" to download the webpage. The JavaScript exploit supposedly allows executable files to be automatically downloaded to a computer without any sort of user prompt.

Google Chrome Frame and Internet Explorer

Google Chrome Frame is a plug-in that allows Internet Explorer users 6.0 and above to use Chrome to help render pages. Its purpose is to speed up IE and also to allow it to support HTML 5, which IE does not do on its own. Microsoft, however, warns its users that its privacy features, particularly in IE8 are rendered moot with the plug-in, so users are essentially trading privacy for speed. How the plug-ins' security might be exploited is as of yet unknown as well, but Microsoft says that using the browser within a browser technique offers not one, but two opportunities for a hacker to gain control of a user's system.

Google Chrome Frame and Mozilla

Even more interesting is that IE's rival Mozilla also came out against the Google Chrome Frame, calling it browser soup, and claiming that it took control of webpage rendering away from individual users.

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