Friday, August 12, 2011

Get Online Antivirus | Install Antivirus

These days online antivirus installation is very famous because of the fact that it addresses one of the most important and very general problem faced by almost all of us who uses computers in day to day life. It also serves a basic purpose of help, keeping in view the need of help while installing the complicated executable software. We all know that there is certain software which can be installed on our computers by merely copy pasting because of the fact that they do not have complicated executable files but on the other hand there are some software which has complicated executable files like an antivirus software and hence it requires an online antivirus installation support from an expert.


1: Double-click your downloaded AntiVirus installer, which is located in your Web browser's default download location unless otherwise specified. To find the download location, go into your Web browser options and find the "Downloads" folder.

2: Enter your product key on the Norton AntiVirus installation page. When you bought Norton AntiVirus online, the product key was provided at the time of purchase and included in an email to you. Click "Next" through the onscreen instructions to continue.

3: Read through the "User License Agreement."

4: Click "Agree & Install" to begin the installation process.

5: Open Norton AntiVirus to begin using the software. It will now be fully activated online.

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