Monday, August 8, 2011

Move Google Chrome Favorites to Juno

Juno is a dial-up Internet service provider that offers its own Web browser software as part of its customer subscription package. You can configure Juno browser software to automatically copy any favorite websites that you've previously bookmarked in the Microsoft Internet Explorer Web browser on your computer, but Juno doesn't offer this facility for the Google Chrome Web browser. To move your favorite websites from Google Chrome to Juno, you'll first need to import them into Microsoft Internet Explorer.


Launch Google Chrome. Click the "Tools" button with the wrench icon in the main navigation menu. Select "Bookmark Manager" from the drop-down menu.

Click the "Organize" link beside "Bookmark Manager." Select "Export Bookmarks" from the drop-down menu.

Select a save location for the exported bookmarks file or use the default location, which is the Documents library folder. Write down or memorize the name of the bookmarks file. Chrome will export the file as a HyperText Markup Language document with an HTM file extension. Click the "Save" button.

Launch Microsoft Internet Explorer, which comes installed on all Windows-based PCs.

Click the "Favorites" button, then click the arrow icon beside the "Add to Favorites" button. Click "Import and Export." Click "Import From a File," then click "Next."

Click the check box beside "Favorites" to select and enable this option, then click "Next." Click "Browse" and find the file that you exported from Chrome. Click the file to select it, then click the "Next" button. Select the folder in which you want to place the imported favorites, then click "Import" followed by "Finish." This imports your Chrome bookmarks into Internet Explorer so that you can transfer them to Juno.

Launch Juno. Click "Options" on the main menu and select "Web Preferences"

Click the check box beside "Keep my Favorites in Juno Separate From the ones in Internet Explorer" to deselect and untick this option. Click the "Yes" button to add your Juno favorites to Internet Explorer if you don't want to lose them. Click "No" to overwrite your Juno favorites with those from Internet Explorer, including the bookmarks you imported from Chrome. Click "OK" to finish the process.

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