Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Google Chrome browser losing marketshare after initial surge

NewScientist tracks down data suggesting that the bloom is off rose for Google's Chrome browser.
After initially seeing its share of the browser market jump as high as 3.1 percent, Chrome is now down to about 1.5 percent.
What led those users to dump the browser after giving it a test drive?
My wild guess: no Adblock Plus or equivalent.
Chrome is functional and attractive in almost every other way, but it's competing for the same tech-oriented user as Firefox. And Firefox has Adblock Plus.
With no other major distinguishing features (the speed difference is likely negligible to most users), why switch?
I suspect Google will be content to let Chrome molder in the background when it comes to desktop users.
But the company likely has much bigger plans in the mobile arena.
The G1 Android phone will use a modified version of Chrome, as will presumably other Android phones when they're released.
At that point, Chrome usage will likely soar, and that's the market Google wants to corner.
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Source- techblog.dallasnews

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