Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Firefox is leading the Browser Market

I was going through Matt Cutts blog….few days back … he has written a post about Browser market. Honestly speaking I was not at all surprised to know that Firefox was leading the market. Personally I like Firefox… and who will not like a browser which has more than 300 add ons and extensions. I have downloaded many of them and they are wonderful. Like one of them is of colorful tabs, it will highlight the tab in which you are working and there is one more that you can change between tabs through keyboard… I know that you can do that in other browsers as well… but what you can’t do is …you can’t switch between the last tab you used and the one you are working on. When you press ctrl + tab, it will take you to the next tab which you have opened, but after installing that add-on, you can switch between the last tab you used and the one you are using currently. This add on is really helpful for the people like me, who open so many tabs in one window.

I felt bad for Internet Explorer it’s losing its market day by day… there was a time, when people only used Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer has 26.07% of market share. Safari is doing well with 6.48%. And Google Chrome is new market. I was wondering, Google knew well about the market and users…Google knew that browsers are so advanced with so many extensions and add ons, but still it launched Google with not much advanced features. What really amazed me is …still Camino is used in the market??

Following is the market share of Browsers >

Firefox            57.58%

IE        26.07%

Safari   6.48%

Chrome           5.11%

Opera  2.35%

Mozilla            1.44%

SeaMonkey     0.48%

Mozilla Compatible     0.18%

Konqueror       0.13%

Camino            0.04%

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