Thursday, December 18, 2008

Google Chrome may come pre installed on Computers

Google is already working on Chrome’s Mac and Linux version, now it may come with pre installation with Windows XP, Windows Vista and all other Operating systems.

Google launched its beta version on 2 September 2008, I downloaded it very next day, I tested it, Liked it..The speed is good like a fast lightning. But it lacked some of the features which made me to stick to my Current Browser i.e. Mozilla Firefox. But things changed, after three months of its release, Google has removed the beta tag from Google Chrome.

With the final version released, it seems that Google will seriously consider setting up deals with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) which will see the Chrome browser pre-installed on new computers. This, of course, is how Microsoft’s Internet Explorer became the most popular Web browser.

Sundar Pichai, Google Vice President, Product Management, told The Times of London:

“We could work with an OEM and have them ship computers with Chrome pre-installed. We will throw our weight behind it. We’ve been conservative because it’s still in beta, but once we get it out of beta we will work hard at getting the word out, promoting to users, and marketing will be a part of that.”

Google certainly needs something to help Chrome gain any traction in a market dominated by two big players. Internet Explorer currently enjoys a 71 % market share, while Firefox, and has near about a 20 %share of market share and chrome with less than 1% of market share.

Internet Explorer seems untouchable purely because people bizarrely seem to trust Microsoft and so stick with the browser that is pre-installed when they buy their computer. This is why it makes perfect sense for Google to copy that strategy. However, taking any market share from Firefox may be easier.

I read on Matt’s Blog …he stated that Google Chrome could be a strong competitor to Mozilla Firefox, chrome is lacking behind because of add-ons and extensions which Firefox has, this is the reason why users are still sticking to Firefox and stopping them to switch browser. Once the beta testing is done and dusted, and the most obvious bugs have been squashed underfoot, then Google could turn its attention to providing the same level of usability and interactivity that Mozilla currently does with Firefox

If the end of 2009 finds us with a stable and bug-free version of Chrome which is being pre-installed on new computers and can be used with Mac and Linux operating systems, then I think it has a chance. Google very rarely fails in its quest to move in to new markets, so I wouldn’t bet against Chrome making it big yet, despite it having a less-than-auspicious start.

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