Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Customize Your New Tab Page in Google Chrome

I was bored of the default tab page in Google chrome browser. So I surfed the internet regarding the same. While searching I found there is option of customizing the tab page. I tried my hands at it. Here’s what I did to my homepage.

Though users don’t have much power over what is shown in the new tab page. CustomNewTab is a Chrome extension fully compatible with Chrome that allows you to change how it looks.


  • Hide/show specific sections of the new tab page
  • Use another web page as the default new tab page
  • Display another page inside your new tab page
  • Easy to use user interface for customization

 The configuration requires the users to modify a simple configuration file on their computer in order to customize it. This is made simple through the dashboard. As soon as Chrome support client-side local storage, Custom New Tab will be updated with an even simpler customization mechanism.

 And If still you face ant technical problem with the browser or your computer, you can always reach me at 1800602586 or visit


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