Monday, May 25, 2009

Google Chrome – The Next Internet Explorer

Google's Chrome browser has very less market share as compared to Microsoft Internet Explorer. Yet Microsoft plans to argue to the European Commission that bundling Chrome into Microsoft Windows -- an anti-trust decree the EC wants to impose -- will potentially give Google a monopoly hold on the Internet.

Google knows speed is addictive -- search queen Marissa Mayer has repeatedly said that a few hundred milliseconds per page make a 20 percent difference in how often user’s type a search into Google. One of the company's major goals with Google Chrome browser is to effectively speed up the Internet for end users.

Chrome also came out ahead in an admittedly Google-sponsored computer security test. The reason: The browser automatically updates itself every few days. This means Chrome users are most likely to have the latest security updates installed.

Microsoft's argument may seem comical, but there's a kernel of truth to it: If Google ends up with a majority share of browser users tied to Chrome, and Google's search engine is their most frequent and trusted destination, think of the opportunities for Google to leverage that huge group of people.

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