Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Google’s Survey about Internet Browser

Google Chrome browser is undoubtedly a great browser and has gained a 2 - 5% advertises reveal within its first year. However, it’s fractious to establish how many non-practical users have been available since September 2008. It’s known for its launder, minimalistic line, lively rendering alacrity, everyday browsing facilities, and high stability. Google took a survey about internet browsers and Times Square, New York, open several interesting data:

  • Fewer than 8% of users do not know which browser they’re using. For them It’s easily an icon they click to reach the web.
  • Web developers indeed use it, but Google’s measure suggests that it’s yet to achieve mainstream awareness.
  • Hardly everyone had heard of people know what a browser is. Many confound it with a search engine or a band.
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