Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Google announces its Chrome Operating system

Alas, poor Microsoft. Aboriginal Google dominates the search engine market. Afresh Google enters the Web-based e-mail market. Android invades Windows Mobile's turf. And afresh Google all-overs into the browser bazaar with Chrome. Tonight Google appear that it has upped the ante yet again, and will absolution a new operating arrangement based on Google Chrome.

The new operating system, appropriately called Google Chrome OS, will be an open-source operating arrangement initially geared against netbooks, Google appear in a columnist absolution this evening.

Google claims the new operating system, which should address in the additional bisected of next year, will be "lightweight" and heavily Web-centric.

With Chrome OS, Google affairs to chase the aforementioned blueprint it acclimated with its browser: "Speed, artlessness and aegis are the key aspects of Google Chrome OS. We're designing the OS to be fast and lightweight, to alpha up and get you assimilate the web in a few seconds," Google declared in its announcement. "The user interface is basal to break out of your way, and a lot of of the user acquaintance takes abode on the web."

Google will aswell accomplish aegis a top antecedence with Chrome, advertence that they "are traveling aback to the basics and absolutely redesigning the basal aegis architectonics of the OS so that users don't accept to accord with viruses, malware and aegis updates. It should just work." That's, as you apparently figured, appealing ambitious, because every accepted operating arrangement sees its fair allotment of aegis flaws and patches.

Chrome OS will run on x86-based PCs, as able-bodied as machines congenital about the ARM processor (such as alleged smartbooks).

So what does this beggarly for Android? According to Google, Chrome OS is in no way affiliated to Android, and that while Android was created with smartphones, netbooks, and added accessories in mind, Chrome OS "is accepting created for humans who absorb a lot of of their time on the web" and will be able to run on about any PC that meets the minimum requirements, alignment from netbooks on the low-end to top end ability desktops.

When Google aboriginal alien the Chrome browser endure year, I remarked in my analysis that "In the accomplished there has been some belief that Google would advance its own operating system, but I anticipate that Chrome's barrage makes one affair is clear: The Web browser is Google's operating system."

While Chrome OS goes above accepting a simple Web browser, Google's eyes of the approaching is as bright with Chrome OS as it was with the addition of the Chrome browser: The Web is the OS of the future, and a avant-garde OS needs to be congenital about the Web first. In fact, in the announcement, Google flatly states, "For appliance developers, the web is the platform." Even better: "And of course, these apps will run not alone on Google Chrome OS, but on any standards-based browser on Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux thereby giving developers the better user abject of any platform."

So has Google just dead the operating arrangement war? Or is it just accepting started? Allotment your thoughts below.

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