Monday, August 3, 2009

Chrome Clock and Smile Manager Extensions

Chrome Clock Extension

A nice small extension which adds Clock functionality to your Google chrome browser. Once installed on your Microsoft windows it shows you the accepted time as per your bounded time settings.

To set an alarm, just click on the toolstrip, In the aboriginal acreage access the “Hours” columnist enter, it will yield you to the additional acreage which is for “Minutes”. Access the minutes’s amount and again columnist enter, your Clock will be set. Basically if the Clock time is reached, the Clock will beam in red demography your absorption to it. To remove the Clock just click on the Clock toolstrip.

Not a actual advantageous extension you ability say but its absolutely account a try for fun!

Smile Manager Extension

This is apparently a abundant added advantageous extension than the Clock extension if you use a lot of smilies to accurate yourself. This baby extension shows you alien smilies in the toolstrip and allows you to archetype and adhesive the BBcode on bulletin boards and forums with ease.

Just click the smiley angel you wish to use, columnist Ctrl+C afterwards and again you can adhesive it into the forums’ bulletin box, smiles will reappear by themselves in your Microsoft windows. To change to your own set of smiles, click on any smile with Ctrl pressed, and change the link, acute Access afterwards.

To get aback to the absence set of smiles, click on any smile captivation Ctrl and Shift.

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