Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mozilla VP: Chrome Frame is not the right answer

Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft don’t ever wager eye to eye when it comes to application technology, but they concord generally on digit thing: thumbs downward for Google Chrome Frame.
Chrome Frame is a plug-in that puts Google’s application engine low the cowl of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and Google argues that it can renew IE versions 6, 7, and 8 with faster tender weight and JavaScript performance. It kicks in exclusive on Web pages that Web developers have tagged with a limited tag. After Google declared it, Microsoft criticized it as creating a potentially accumulated venture to feeding security.
Google Wave is digit locate that suggests IE users establish Google Chrome Frame.
Mike Shaver, evilness chair of field for Firefox sponsor Mozilla, publicised a assorted anxiety in a journal locate weekday night.
“I sure deal that desire for a Web in which the vast eld of Web users savor the action and capabilities we wager in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. Unfortunately, I don’t conceive that Chrome Frame gets us fireman to that Web,” Shaver said.
Specifically, Shaver said Chrome Frame can alter IE features and confuse users’ discernment of Web section matters. And users of the abused IE 6 browser, he added, ofttimes won’t be healthy to separate Chrome Frame anyway because their machine is locked downward to veto changes or lacks decent control in the prototypal place.
“As a lateral effect, the user’s discernment of the Web’s section help and the activity of their application is earnestly hindered by deputation the pick of code to the developers of individualist sites they visit. It is a difficulty that we have seen repeatedly with another arrange plug-ins same Flash, Silverlight and Java, and not digit that I conceive we requirement to wager replayed again low the flag of HTML5,” he said.
Shaver’s advice is to rely on that ages-old technique: an raise suasion on the Web site.
“It would be meliorate for the Web if developers who desire to consume the Chrome Frame piece only told users that their locate worked meliorate in Chrome and taught them on how to establish it,” Shaver said. “The individual would be knowledgeable most the benefits of an move browser, would see meliorate the pick they were making, and the kudos for Chrome’s action would fall to Google kind of than to Microsoft.” 
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