Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Benefits of Google Chrome Netbook

Google announced the launch of Google Chrome Netbook. Chromebooks will be available to US buyers on June 15, 2011. For beta testing, Google gave Chromebooks called Chrome CR-48 netbook. The beta testing on Chromebooks has revealed a lot of benefits of these Netbooks. Some of these benefits are:

1. Everything is on the cloud - The greatest advantage of Google Chrome Netbook is that all the data and the files are saved somewhere on the internet called the Google's "Cloud". A person can access all his data from anywhere by using his Google account. There are no issues of low memory on the computer and in case some loses their computer or it is stolen, the data remains secure on the internet.

2. Fast Boot - Another Notable feature of the Google Chrome Netbooks is that it reboots in 10 seconds. As compared to other computers and notebook, it is quite fast.

3. Prices of the Netbook - Microsoft adds a lot of taxes and extra prices to windows. Google Chrome OS will be completely free.

4. Software updates- Google Chrome OS automatically updates to the latest features and fixes. Whenever the user turns on the Chromebook, it refreshes the system automatically.

5. Portability - All of the user's data is stored on the internet, which can be accessed from anywhere using any computer. The Google Chrome Netbook itself is very lightweight and easy to carry.

6. Android - It is also expected that the Chrome Netbooks will be able to run Android OS as well.

7. Security - With the traditional computers, one of the biggest problems is viruses. Google Chrome OS is based on Linux and viruses will not be a problem for a Chromebook user. The user does not need to install antivirus or check the machines for viruses. In case of theft, user's data is not lost because it is stored on the internet and without the password; no one will be able to access the data.

8. Sharing Content with CR-48 - As user's data is already on the internet; therefore it is very easy to share pictures and files through internet.

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