Friday, September 30, 2011

A Grand Google Gadget - Graphical Web Interconnectivity

What would you do if you could see how every website interacted every other website? Could you figure out useful applications for such a tool?

Well, such a tool exists. The TouchGraph Google Browser lets you do just that. All you have to do is type in a keyword or website. Once entered, the Java program will do its thing and show you just how the website or keyword you entered links in with the rest of the internet.

This can serve several important functions, but, it can be tremendously valuable as a guide for both marketing efforts and search engine optimization efforts.

By seeing the websites that link to your site AND the websites that link to the sites that link to yours, you can better understand the market for your website. If your website covers motorcycle kickstands and you have ten or more websites that focus on Harley-Davidson bikes linking to you, you'll be able to follow that up with concerted marketing efforts.

You also may discover other niches related to yours that are linking in to your website. Using the simple graphical program will allow you to quickly visualize how your site connects to related niches based on your backlinks. This too may give you valuable information that can guide your marketing strategy.

Keywords can be entered just like websites. If you are trying to optimize a web page around a specific keyword, it can be very beneficial to type the keyword into the program to see which established websites you will be competing against.

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