Monday, September 19, 2011

How to use Google Chrome to Speed Up Internet

First make sure you have clean up your computer and defragged it to keep it from being bogged down.

Invest in good quality internet connection. Using DSL or cable will be the choice for most people. If you are self employed check and see if a T-1 is available and an option you would want to pursue.

CHROME Google. Now there are other web browsers and Firefox if fast. But i f you want speed and ease of use try out Chrome for at lease one day. It downloads fast (see link in resources) and each link you click is quick to connect.

After downloading chrome, close out the web browser you used to download it. Then you can import easily your bookmarks and needed information.

Take 5 minutes to check out the program as there are some cool features. Set up is very easy. Adding a new tab is as easy as pushing the + sign at top of tabs.

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