Thursday, March 26, 2009

Google boosted Chrome's speed

Google updated Chrome browser to boost its speed and released its new version of is Chrome web browser on 24 March 2009, as it continuous to put efforts to get the grip of the browser market which is being ruled by Microsoft Internet Explorer and the competitor Mozilla Firefox.

Google Chrome targets general public since the time it was launched in September 2008. The new Chrome allows users to surf the internet faster and it has added some other features as well like auto-fill option to fill the forms and new way for users to drag around tabs of different web pages within the browser window.

The Market share of browser is as follows-

Microsoft Internet explorer- 67.4% (currently ruling the browser market)
Mozilla Firefox-
22 %( a good competitor)
8% (trying to get more of market share)
Google Chrome-
1.2 %( trying hard to get the grip of browser market)

According to a post on Google's blog, the new Chrome beta loads certain types of Web pages 25 per cent to 35 per cent faster than the current version of the browser.

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