Thursday, April 9, 2009

Browsers speed test

Few days back a test was made on the browsers speed... in which Google Chrome proved itself as the faster leaving behind Firefox browser, Internet Explorer, Apple’s newly launched safari.

These browsers were set to open these sites at the same time, some of them were,,,,,,

Google Chrome loaded all of these pages before other browsers could load them. Its average time to load nine pages was about 1.3 seconds. The only Site which Chrome was not able to load faster was which was loaded first by safari browser. The test was done on Windows Vista service pack 1 and the operating systems were reinstalled.

Chrome’s performance was very impressive in loading Wikipedia’s English-language home page, which it loaded in 1.12 seconds, compared to IE 8’s 2.24 seconds, Firefox’s 3.31 seconds and Safari’s 3.38 seconds.

Although Microsoft claimed IE 8 is now the fasted browser out there, it finished with an average page load time across all nine sites in this test of 1.8 seconds. Safari and Firefox tied for third with average page load times of 2.12 seconds.

For Mac users licking their chops at finally getting their hands on Google Chrome, the wait may not be much longer. By the end of this year surely... we can expect Mac version for Google Chrome.

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