Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Updates Fix Bugs

Mozilla and Google both fixed critical vulnerabilities in their browsers.

Mozilla plugged the security holes in the Firefox browser. Mozilla fixed 11 vulnerabilities in a June 11 update to Firefox. More than half of the bugs were labeled as "critical." Three of the critical bugs were in the browser’s rendering JavaScript engines and in certain circumstances result in memory corruption that could result in arbitrary code execution, according to the Mozilla advisory.

On June 9, Google plugged two security holes with the release of Google Chrome browser version 2.0172.31. The fixes address two problems in Webkit. The first is a memory corruption issue in Webkit’s handling of recursion in certain DOMevent handlers. If a user visits a malicious Website, hackers could potentially execute code in Google’s Chrome sandbox. There was also an issue in WebKit’s handling of drag events that could lead to the disclosure of data when content is dragged over a malicious Web page.

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