Monday, July 20, 2009

Google – “No more viruses and malwares”

Google's Engineering Director has promised that its accessible Chrome OS will see 'the end of malware' and Spyware blockers.

Google is able what the latest affair of New Scientist annual refers to as "an airy antivirus nirvana" with its accessible Google Chrome OS.

Linus Upson, Google's Engineering Director, has promised the aggregation is: "Completely redesigning the basal aegis architectonics of the OS so users don't accept to accord with viruses, malware and aegis updates. It should just work."

Chrome browser patched

Ironically, Google is also in the account this anniversary due to aegis flaws in its Chrome browser.

Two of the a lot of contempo Google Chrome web browser aegis flaws (one apropos to awful cipher bribery in the Chrome tab head and one apropos to anamnesis bribery in the browser tab processes) accept now been fixed.

You can see the abounding abandoned of all the latest changes over on Google's Chrome site.

So is the billow accretion approaching absolutely traveling to be added defended than our accepted arrangement of downloading approved aegis patches to consistently fix the software that's sitting on our harder drive?

"Downloading updates is consistently traveling to be a footfall or two abaft the billow access because it takes a while to get a fix out to a PC to install it," argues Paul Jackson of Forrester Research.

And while Jackson agrees that "the billow access allows patches to be activated abundant faster" he addendum that any web-based OS is still traveling to be at accident from malware targeting the browser or Linux.

Robert Caunt, an analyst from CCS Insight in London, addendum that Google has a acceptable almanac on aegis to date: "Its Gmail spam clarify and seek engine's phishing-detection is good. They apperceive what needs doing."

Major accretion brands such as Nvidia, Dell, Asus, Acer and others accept already accepted that they will be absolutely acknowledging Google's Chrome OS. Stay acquainted for added Chrome OS account updates as and if we get them.

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