Thursday, July 16, 2009

TPGoogleReader: Added Features

Using TP’s Google Reader Extension:

Each Chrome window has a toolbar (see the screenshot) with GR figure (click to accessible GR), a checkbox (when checked, all new account will accessible automatically in this window) and possibly amount of benighted items (not arresting if checkbox is checked). If there are added windows, alone one of them can accept the checkbox checked, blockage it on one of them will uncheck it in all other. So you can accept two windows - one area you accept the tabs that you commonly use, and additional with the checkbox checked. And if you accept a chargeless moment, you can about-face to the additional one to see if something new arrived.

The addendum does not charge your Google credentials, it just works application your accepted accolade so you artlessly charge to be logged into GR for this to work. This works just like a lot of the added GR extensions.

Features of TPGoogleReader:

· Shows the no. of benighted items, as all of them do.

· It automatically opens all new items in new accomplishments tabs, and marks them as apprehend in Google Reader aloft blockage the checkbox in the toolstrip. You acquisition new things to apprehend appearing, after even beat anything! Also, at atomic for me, account items in their abounding adaptation by abyssal to the item’s hotlink is abundant added agreeable than account the abbreviated, style-less adaptation anon in Google Reader.

· When alive in the accustomed approach area new items do not get opened automatically, beat on the items adverse opens the aboriginal benighted account and marks it as read.

· When a website has a feed, an figure appears on the appropriate of the omnibox (page action). Beat on it opens the augment in Google Reader. Thus after subscribing you can appearance it in GR.

· When you cross anon to an RSS or Atom page (like this one: commonly Chrome displays a mess. With TPGoogleReader you will get the page displayed in a monospace chantry with preserved formatting. Accredit to the screenshot, beat on the figure will accessible the augment in GR.

Installation & Technical Support:

Again, this addendum is alone for the Dev Body of Google Chrome, back extensions are not accessible for Stable and Beta Approach users it won’t plan on those builds. In adjustment to get on to the dev approach amuse accredit here. Once you are on the developers body just bang on the addendum download beneath it would automatically ask you for acceptance to install.

Download - TPGoogleReader - For Chrome - v: 0.2

For any Computer support queries or Internet browser support you can always reach us at our website or leave your issue or query in the comments.

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