Thursday, January 22, 2009

Google Chrome will now support RSS Feed

Google chrome production team knows where they are lacking and they have started working on it. Well. We can say that as one by one it has started to launch new features in chrome like bookmarklets. They have released version after version with the improvements, no doubt Chrome is very speedy, as fast as lightning. Beta tag was removed from it in early December. And Now in January, they have a launched RSS feature in Chrome browser..

Auto-Detect RSS in Chrome

There are two bookmarklets offered on, one is “View RSS Feed” and the other is “Auto–detect RSS”. In order to use them, what we have to do is...Just simply drag it to the bookmarklets and whenever you want a page which has RSS feed, click the "Auto-Detect RSS" button, then you will be taken to a page where RSS is displayed. Now click the “View RSS feed” button if you want to view it in a browser, but this option didn't always work as it may contain some virus or you may face a technical problem while dealing with it. Don’t worry we are always here to help you out and provide you the best technical support.

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