Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Google updated Chrome browser to boost speed

Google has updated the development build of the Google Chrome with a new feature which allows editing thumbnails on a new tab page. Earlier Chrome use to show the recently closed website on a thumbnail, now the new tab option is embedded in the contextual menu on the tab bar, as well as Undo Tab Close feature. But unfortunately, user can’t disable tab thumbnails on a new tab page completely, leaving only the list of recently closed tabs, windows and past searches.

It’s not over yet, Google made little more minor adjustment about how Chrome handles text coping. For computer security purposes, it’s no longer possible to cut or copy from a password text-field. The new Ctrl+Shift+Arrow key combo switches change in text direction in right-to-left user interfaces. The browser also support Ctrl +Shift text alignment based on which side of the keyboard those keys are pressed. Finally, this development version of Chrome fixed several bugs related to Google Calendar widget, text disappearance in certain web apps, mouse wheel and vertical scrollbar, form auto fill and history deletion while in Incognito mode.

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1 comment:

Jeff said...

This new Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Key combination is causing a ton of headaches for me now. I use this combination to select whole words to edit/delete/copy and this behavior causes my editor to go into right aligned mode. Why would you override a common simple windows key combination to do something so infrequent?

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